People For Parks Oregon


A Regional Parks Community Foundation

The mission of People for Parks is to promote the health and quality of life of residents in East Multnomah County through the support and enhancement of parks and recreation programs. The 20th Century model of funding parks and recreational needs has not been effective. The programs funded through towns and cities’ General Fund budget dollar is in competition with police and fire, yet the need to fund programs for youth, families and seniors, especially at-risk low-income groups has never been greater. Through the establishment of 21st Century Model of Regional Parks Districts, Regional Parks Community Foundation, and government planning services a three-legged stool of sustainability of parks and recreation would emerge. The tools of use, regional parks district and foundations, provide a mechanism that creates a point of entry to bring about (create) systemic change in Oregon communities by enabling a community to build infrastructure. This in turn would provide the following benefits:

Community Foundation

In the past five years People for Parks has established a public office and community presence through partnership grant with Reynolds School District in managing two after-school programs; establishing The Imaginative Children’s Garden, a learning environment; Summer Mobile recreational program; provides services as fiscal agent and an umbrella for community groups’ park and environment efforts and community networking.