People For Parks Oregon


What we do

People for Parks East County is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
The mission of People for Parks East County is to promote the health and quality of life of residents in East Multnomah County through the support and enhancement of parks and recreation programs. Established by concerned citizens, People for Parks East County obtained non-profit status in 2003. People for Parks is continuing to research and further develop plans that address the livability aspects that is the basis for our competitiveness and economic growth in East Multnomah County. We invite you to tell us how parks and recreation benefits your life. Please e-mail, with any suggestions, facts, or links that might support this effort. A strong parks and recreation system provides innumerable benefits to the local community. To better understand the value of parks and recreation, we've listed the types of key benefits below:

• Economic
• Individual and Family
• Health
• Community and Social
• Environmental