People For Parks Oregon


Meet the Board of Directors

Kathie Minden, Chair Children’s Advocate
Jose Lira, Secretary
Jeanette McDermid, Treasurer

Advisory Members

Susan Foster, Ph.D, Retired Biologist, MHCC
Ralph Minden, BS Univ. of Washington, Forestry Soils (and Children's Garden Maintenance)
Donaciano Garcia, North Pacific Financial and Director of Generation Barracca (nonprofit)

About the Board of Directors

Kathie Minden- Chair
• People for Parks allows Kathie to advocate for her interests in community and children.
• Long-time Volunteer Children's Advocate
• Involved in the Rockwood community-building process, and development of the Rockwood "Weed and Seed" collaborative community effort.
• Numerous citizen involvement awards; Gresham Citizen of the Year, 2004.
• Interest in parks and literacy development.

Jose Lira - Secretary
• Jose has an extensive background in addressing multi-cultural and equity issues.
• Born and raised in Nicaragua, he has experience in working with NGO's there and in other parts of the world.
• Has an interest in Environmental issues.

In Memoriam - 2014
James A. Doig
• Graduate of Oregon State University, 1948 in Electrical Engineering
• Portland General Electric (PGE) Retired after 40 years
• Involved in the earliest formation of People of Parks, 1960's
• Member, Rockwood Kiwanis Club, held President and Secretary Offices and led Rockwood Kiwanis Club in three projects at Rockwood Central Park in the 1970's.
• Volunteered 2-3 days a week at the Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp for children with disabilities since retirement in 1986.

Jeanette McDermid - Treasurer
•People for Parks allows Jeanette to continue her dedication
towards providing meaningful activity and culture to children.
• Retired Director, East Metro Arts & Culture Council
• Served on Gresham Art Advisory Committe
• Art Show Curator
• Director of Mt. Hood Community College's (MHCC) "Strawberry Short Course" festivals.
• Retired from staff position at MHCC.